D & V Auto Glass - Sacramento, CA
Window Regulator and Windshield Repair near Sacramento, California

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is the biggest city in the area our company serves and the team of auto glass technicians here at D & V Auto Glass are regularly called by drivers there to carry out jobs on their vehicles.

If you call us from Sacramento we will be there on the same day and we guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. If you are a first time customer then you will qualify for a $10 discount on whatever work needs done.

Windshield replacement work accounts for a large percentage of the work we do for clients. Our technicians will always any windshield trash for you so you don’t have to worry about it. If you have any problems with water leaking in through the windshield, we will re-suit it and make it airtight so no more water can get in.

If there is a long crack in your windshield or it has shattered after an accident then we will install a new one for you. We provide a windshield replacement quote and we always suggest you wait for 24 hours after the job is done before driving on the highway.

We can replace any type of windshield glass and, if the customer has their own glass, we can use that and just carry out the labor work for them. It is usually a good idea to install a new rear view mirror when replacing a windshield.

At D & V Auto Glass we pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. We are a local, family owned company and our slogan is ‘Quality convenient reliable mobile service’, one we take seriously.

If you are in Sacramento and you need the services of a top quality auto glass mobile service company then look no further than the experienced and professional team here at D & V Auto Glass. Call us right away on (916) 494-4539 and we will be there to help you.