D & V Auto Glass - Rosemont, CA
Mobile Auto Glass and Vent Glass Replacement in Rosemont, California

Although D & V Auto Glass is located in the city of Elk Grove, California, we travel to all the towns and cities in the neighboring area to repair and replace auto glass for drivers, and that includes the town of Rosemont, 10 miles away.

Having been in business for the past 10 years we are an established and well-known company in the area and motorists should be aware of the reputation we have for great workmanship and first-class customer service. Our company slogan is ‘Quality convenient reliable mobile service’ and it is one we strive to live up to every working day.

Among the auto glass work our mobile teams carry out is window regulator repair and replacement. If the door window on your vehicle has gone off track it generally means that the regulator has broken or the motor has gone out.

At D & V Auto Glass we will install a new regulator and sort the motor if necessary. We will most likely need to take off the door to check what exactly has gone wrong. There are different types of regulators that we fix and they include power window regulators, scissor type regulators, manual window regulators and cable type regulators.

All the regulator work we do on vehicles comes with a 100% guarantee, and warranty of the parts is through the manufacturer.

Our technicians will also repair or replace any faulty or damaged windows in your car, whether you are a residential or commercial driver, and replace damaged windshields. We offer free estimates ion all jobs and will accept all payment methods except checks.

So if you are in Rosemont and the window regulator on your vehicle has conked out – or if any auto glass has been damaged – then make sure you give D & V Auto Glass a call on (916) 494-4539 and let us take care of it.